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Kenosha Harbor lighthouse marks the entrance

Another record year for Last Race Race

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Another record year for the Last Race Race! This year we had 18 boats participate in our last port-to-port race, a new record! The weather was great with the wind coming out of the south at 10-15 knots. Although it was cloudy the rain held off all day until after 10pm.
Racers gathered early in the morning at the dock wall outside of the club. We never know exactly how many will race until Saturday morning. Weather is a big factor in the numbers, but some racers come no matter what.
Last Race Racers
Racers gather on the dock wall at WYC.
Although the weather looked threatening, there was no rain during the race and it held off until after 10pm. With the wind from the south, many boats launched spinnakers as soon as they left the harbor making it a fast race. Many boats finished in just little more than 2 hours.
Spinnakers on sailboats
Spinnakers launched on the Last Race Race.
Traditionally, racers dock at Kenosha Yacht Club for a late lunch. The service, food and drinks were all wonderful. A great ending to another great race.
Racers docked in Kenosha
Racers docked at the Kenosha Yacht Club.
Hot food and tasty drinks and cocktails. Some racers and cruisers stayed the night and ventured into town.
Lunch at Kenosha Yacht Club
Lunch at Kenosha Yacht Club
Thanks to all the participants! Don’t forget to send your finish times in to the Sail chair at Waukegan Yacht Club!