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Storage Room cleanup day a dusty success

...and a bit of a history rescue

Three volunteers worked for four and a half hours today on the vestibule storage space to organize and prepare for proper, secure document disposal.

Many boxes were musty and contained transactional items with no security concerns, so we were able to reduce the "shred" volume significantly.

Beneath the boxes and race committee items in the space were a few boxes of photo negatives and photos from as far back as 1972. Sadly, many of the photos had been damaged, but among the large prints we found two great gems.

One is an aerial photo of the entire harbor and marina with the slips in both harbors on all finger piers so FULL that it is akin to a game of "Where's Waldo" to seek and identify even one empty slip. It was framed with a sheet of plastic instead of glass which is so hazy that it was not possilbe to take a photo to do it justice.

The second photo, on the other hand is a WYC treasure! Who among you can tell us the story of this amazing young Junior Sailor?


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