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RC Iceberg Regatta

Come join the fun and race your RC sailboat!
All RC Sailors are welcome!

Date/Time: March 20 at 12 noon.
Cost: $20 at the door.

Food/Beverage: pizza, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. (Donation to consume)

Prizes: First, Second and Third place trophies.

Races: 2 practice races.
3 prize races.

Obtain your sail numbers by clicking here

If you cannot obtain sail numbers prior to the race
please bring proof of purchase to the race.

Click this link to reserve your spot for the Regatta

Space limited to 25 people per state mandate

$20 cash at door for members and guests

2nd Annual WYC trap shoot set for April 3

The second WYC trapshooting event is scheduled for Saturday, April 3, at noon. The event is open to all WYC members and guests.

The event will be hosted at the McHenry Sportsmen’s Club in Johnsburg, Illinois. You do not have to own or bring your own shotgun, there will be extra shotguns so everyone can shoot. Trapshooting is conducted in “rounds”. A round consisted of 25 clays at 5 separate stations. The shooting started at noon and everyone will be able to shoot as least three rounds. The fee covers three rounds but you are welcome to shoot more. An additional fee will be paid on site.

Trapshooting event
WYC members and guests shooting trap in 2020.

Click to Register and Pay in Advance

Get your own FOID card

Although you don’t need a FOID card to shoot you do need one to buy your own ammunition or a gun. We plan on scheduling future events. So you may want to apply for a card as soon as possible. You can apply for a FOID card by clicking the following button:

FOID Card website

Note processing of FOID cards has been very slow due to the pandemic. You may not be able to obtain the card before April 3rd. Children may also obtain a FOID card if sponsored by a FOID carrying adult or guardian.

Saturday RC Boat Build Continues Saturday, Feb 13! Correction!


Final build Saturday!

Saturday – Feb 13 – 10am

 RC boat build continues on Saturday, Feb 13.
Only the practice racing was postponed. Sorry for the confusion 

Doors open at 10am!

Unfortunately, Waukegan harbor froze solid over the last week
and is unsuitable for practice sailing.

RC Build at WYC

The RC Regatta has been tentatively scheduled for May 6, 2021.
If the weather permits racing at an earlier date,
we will send out another notice.

Saturday RC Racing Postponed


The RC Regatta scheduled for Saturday, February 13, 2020 is POSTPONED due to weather. The RC Boat build is still on for Saturday!

Unfortunately, Waukegan harbor froze solid over the last week and is unsuitable for sailing or swimming.

Saturday – Feb 13 – RACING POSTPONED

RC Build – Continues at 10 am Saturday, Feb 13

The RC Regatta has been tentatively moved to May 6, 2021.
If the weather permits racing at an earlier date,
we will send out another notice.

RC Build at WYC

Learn Remote Control Sailing!

All interested Members, Guests and Racers are invited!

Come learn  how to build and sail DragonForce 65 sailboats and other radio control boats.

Boat Build and Discussion
Wednesday, Feb 10
4-9 pm
$10 cash at door, for non members and guests

Click here to RSVP for Boat Build and Discussion

Final build and Regatta
Saturday – Feb 13
10:30 am

Practice Race starts at 12:30

$10 cash at door, for non members and guests

RSVP for Practice Sailing and Racing

Come experience the fun and the joy of sailing from INSIDE the club!

Limited food and beverage, feel free to bring your own.

Email for club discount code

Click these links to reserve your spot for Boat Build and Regatta

Waukegan Yacht Club, 199 N Harbor Place, Waukegan, IL 60085


Super easy to operate, Mate !

WYC Cruise Committee starts planning for 2021

2021 is starting off on a good foot. The Club has not been this active for many years! Plans are underfoot to really have an amazing year. 

Last night, the Cruise Committee of Waukegan Yacht Club had its first planning meeting. The members of the committee discussed various possible cruise destinations on Lake Michigan for this year. Among those named were Chicago, Milwaukee, New Buffalo, Muskegon and our perennial favorites Kenosha and Racine.

The Cruisers and some surprise guests met for dinner at the St Joe Yacht Club
The Cruisers and some surprise guests met for dinner at the St Joe Yacht Club 

The Cruises are open to all members, and even non-members. Our goal is to promote cruising and comradery in the boating community. Cruising can be done on sail or motor boats. We try to obtain berths at the destination harbor close to together and plan group meals and activities while in the harbor.  

Cruisers assemble at dawn at St Joseph River Yacht Club
Cruisers assemble at dawn at St Joseph River Yacht Club

If you would like to participate in the planning or the cruises, please send your name and contact information to Jim Maivald at Our goal is to finalize our port-to-port cruise schedule by April 1 and have at least one cruise each month. Impromptu cruises are also a possibility, where we pick a beach or nearby location, such as Winthrop harbor and cruise to it for a swim party or cookout.

Come cruise to distant ports with the club
Come cruise to distant ports with the club

Don’t miss the fun this year. Join the WYC Cruisers!

Join the WYC Remote-controlled Sailing Group

In response to interest and an effort to get more people involved in sailing at a lower entry cost, the Waukegan Yacht Club is forming a group for remote-control sailing. Initially, the group will be focused on DragonForce 65-class boats, one of the largest and most organized RC groups. The club negotiated a 10% discount for WYC members in good standing. So, join the Waukegan Yacht Club or renew your membership as soon as possible.
Our plan is to challenge the Chicago Yacht Club a couple times this year and any other interested groups. Help us build the fleet!

Email: to get the discount code. 


Super easy to operate, Mate !

New Years’ Message from the Commodore

Click to watch the video

Greetings to Members

I am pleased to announce that the Waukegan Yacht Club has come to a resolution with the Waukegan Port District. Jim Banovitz, Nikki Sullivan and I met with the Port District early last week and successfully negotiated the continued use of the building. Fundamentally, the Port District wants the club in the building. The next step is to formalize a business plan to increase membership.  We need to show the Port District that we have a plan to be self sufficient.

Since the club was closed most of 2020 due to the pandemic, our revenues were much lower than normal, we ask that members who can pay their 2021 dues early or pay any outstanding dues to help us catch up on our utilities and other debts.

As we move into this new phase of our history, our foremost concern is increasing our membership. We have a unique opportunity in 2021 to get new people on boats and grow the club. I ask that members submit any ideas that they have to bring in more members or generate revenue. Once we review all the suggestions we will then follow up with a town hall style meeting to discuss them. Please send your suggestions to –

The WYC Sail Committee is working on a plan to get a frostbite series going as soon as February. I think racing boats in the winter is a good way to start off the season with the yacht club. However, to enable the frostbite series, we need a chase boat. If any member has any suggestions for this, we would love to hear them.

In addition to the frostbite series, we are working on the  calendar for 2021 and hoping for the best in regards to the vaccine.  We have worked with the people at Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club (CCYC) to formalize the running of the Chicago to Waukegan race this summer.

I am elated about the negotiations with the Port District, and their willingness to work with the club. I’m excited for what the future brings for The Waukegan Yacht Club and I hope you are too. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your support

Jason Ferguson
Waukegan Yacht Club

Click to Pay Dues Online

Welcome from the New Commodore

Jason Fergurson was elected Commodore of the Waukegan Yacht Club on December 10, 2020. He recorded the following address:

Greetings to WYC Members and the boating community.

I was voted in as Commodore of the Waukegan Yacht club on Thursday night.  I would like to say thank you to everyone for the Trust that you have placed in me.  I understand the Yacht Club has a long history, and I intend to continue the tradition of it being a great Yacht Club.

We have a number of issues that are being addressed at present.  I know there are a lot of pressing issues in the minds of the members and I would like to address a few of them here.

I know that the most pressing issue is the lease with the Waukegan Port District.  At this time, I have reached out to the Port District to let them know that we would like to meet with them.  I have assembled a small committee.  Our committee is meeting tomorrow night at 730 via zoom to work on the details to begin the negotiations with the Port District.

We have heard some dissatisfaction about the lack of Yacht Club Reciprocity.  That issue has been resolved.  We are added to the book for 2021.  We had an anonymous donor pay the fee for us.  We thank them for their donation.  

There was an issue that the Board is working on with the Insurance on the building.  We did not have sufficient cash to pay the premium the last few months, and all of the Board committed to paying their 2021 dues now, so that we could have a policy in place.  I would like to thank Joanne for working with us on that.

We have also formed a committee to look at our options as a restaurant.  We know that is a big deal for the Port Authority, as they want us to be an operational restaurant, and for all of our members and the community as a whole.  Bo Harper our Vice Commodore has been diligently working on this issue and I anticipate some great things coming from his house committee.  

Howard Fasnacht is working to assess the needs of the building.  His committee as Rear Commodore is looking to find problems in the building and assess repair costs.  This committee is also working to make sure the building stays in good working order.  I anticipate he will do excellent work, as he has in years past.

Christian Olsen has formed his Treasurer committee and is working to address the issues related to the current club expenditures.  This committee has already been formed and are doing the things that need to be done to keep the club running.  Christian has a tough job, as there are a lot of bills and not a lot of capital.

Johnathan Gaetz is working to keep and maintain all of the minutes.  We are holding a lot of meetings (as most of the committees have scheduled meetings this week) and he is doing his part to make sure that this process is as transparent as possible.  

Jim Maivald is heading the Sail committee and Social committee.  He has some really great ideas as to how best to continue to make sailing fun.  He is looking into the boats that we have with the potential of a 2 person round robin match race frostbite series.  Jim is on the board for another year as well as being our club webmaster and is doing a great job of filling in for all sorts of roles.

Kris Kaminski is on the board and the Club owes Kris a big thank you for stepping in as Commodore after the unfortunate passing of Jim Hellquist.

Jonathan Burba has been made a director as well as Nikki Sullivan.  Both of these people will be a tremendous asset to our Board of Directors as we move the club forward.

One thing that I would ask all of our members to be aware of is, I have asked all of the Committee chairpersons to form a committee.  So they may reach out to any of you to join the committee.  A lot of roles have been filled in the past by just one person, and sometimes that can be a lot for any one person to do without getting burned out.  I am of the opinion that small committees will offer differing perspectives and share the workload to find resolutions to Club issues in a way that lays out a concise solution to the Board that can be voted on and approved.

I’m sorry to have lost Jim Hellquist as Commodore of the Waukegan Yacht Club this year.  I did not know him well, but Jim is the reason that I am in the Yacht Club.  He will be missed by all.  I hope to be half as good of a sailor and community leader as Jim.

As we continue to try to fill the needs of our members, feel free to reach out to myself or any other member of the board if you feel you have an issue that we need to be addressed..

Jason Ferguson
Waukegan Yacht Club

Town Hall Followup Report

September 18, 2020

On behalf of myself and the Waukegan Yacht Club Board of Directors I want to thank everyone who attended Tuesday night’s Town Hall Meeting.  I hope you found it informative. 

As reported, our first step is to fill a nomination slate of officers & directors for the upcoming year.  I am very happy to report that we have nine or ten people who have volunteered to be on the nomination slate. In addition, the people who have volunteered have good qualifications and skills needed to fill these roles and improve our Club. This slate of new officers will be voted in on the December 10th Board Meeting by members of the club in good standing. 

During the meeting we discussed the challenges and opportunities we have to move this Club forward.  It may or may not be in our current building because of the high rent rates, but we are fortunate to have so many enthusiastic members who want to continue having a presence at the Waukegan lakefront.  Furthermore, we will have new board members who have creative and new ideas for needed change.

With the New Year, this board will have to tackle difficult decisions. These decisions will include a possible new lease from the Port District, or a change in venue for the Club. Our financial situation is not good, therefore dues may need to be increased.

The new board will be seeking our membership’s support as they try new membership drives, new revenue streams, and new ways of moving us forward. I ask for your patience as we develop new concepts, I ask for your understanding that not every new idea implemented will be a success, I ask for your continued support and your continued membership while we work together towards a fresh start with new approaches. 


Kathy Larsen Sivia
Past Commodore